Features of Teaching

Teaching Philosophy
Children-centred, comprehensive, balanced learning

Teaching Strategies

>Whole class or group learning

>Diversified activities: school talks, field trips

>Learning through play: Learning corner activities, free play, theme-based play

  1. Every child loves to play. Play allows children to experience the fun of being free, working and sharing with others. It also enables children to express their minds and explore the real world. Through creating a happy environment for children, children are able to learn and thrive better, thus enhancing their learning effectiveness.
  2. There are different learning corners in the campus, each comes with a variety of learning resources that correspond to different learning themes. Children are able to explore specific topics on their own or learn with their classmates in the corners. The learning corners allow children to attain all-rounded, balanced development in the six learning aspects. It also helps create a delightful learning environment for children.
  3. Our school-based curriculum is designed to let children learn through playing different games, e.g. theme-based games, music games, physical games or role-plays, so that they will be able to discover the fun of learning, and develop curiosity and a positive attitude towards learning.

Learning approach

  1. Theme-based play
  2. Specified language learning: English, Putonghua
  3. Project learning (applicable to K1, K2 and K3)