Admission Arrangements
  • First round of interviews in 2025 to 26 will accept applications from June 1 to October 25, 2024. **Registration after October 26 will  be classified as second round application
  • Every applicants will be interviewed
  • When meeting with non-Chinese speaking children, we will accept parents and children to be accompanied by relatives and friends who understand Chinese to assist in communication.


For any enquiries, please call 2642 2633 or email to [email protected]

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2023/24 School Year


(A) Annual Free

The Schoool joining the ‘Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme’ and ‘Child Care Centre Subsidy Scheme’, fees after deduction of government subsidy:

(I)  N1

■   Annual Fee : $49,692(12 Installments), Each Installment  : $3,592

■   Meal Charge : $549 (Each Installment)

(II) K1-K3

■   Annual Fees : $5,364(12 Installments), Each Installment  : $447

■   Meal Charge : $369 (Each Installment)


(B) Major Paid Items Reference Price

Uniform:$199 (Summer)  ,  $353 (Winter) /set

School bag:$83 /each

Textbooks:$1200-1400 /year

Exercise books and others:$580-1100 /year