Healthy School

Healthy School

Consist of four elements:
■  Develop good eating habits;
■  Create a healthy, clean and safe school environment;
■  Develop healthy living habits in students; and
■  Identify students that need help, and set up a referral system.

Health Measures

■  Parents are required to record their children’s body temperature and sign on the temperature record sheet for submission to school every morning.

■  We measure and keep record of our students’ body temperature three times a day. Parents can refer to the record sheet for their children’s temperature after school. (We will measure children’s temperature more often if necessary.)

Hygienic Measures

■  Children are required to change into the shoes that are to be worn only within the school building when they arrive school.

■  All toys, towels and gross motor tools are cleaned and sanitised every day.

■  All facilities and children’s beds are sanitised once a week

■  Insect and mosquito prevention and control work are carried out 4 times a year.

Safety Measures