2018 APR 26 – Parents Daily Media Coverage

【校長有話兒 Principal’s Message】


#丘莜美校長 專訪 ( 第1部份 )

Principal YAU Yau-mei’s Interview (part 1)

Mentioned that if parents want their children to be more self-discipline. Role model is the most important! If you just talk about don’t do it, and if you are a child, you will not listen to the parents. Principal Yau mentioned other tips to make children self-discipline. Parents, please take a look.




#丘莜美校長 專訪 ( 第2部份 )

Principal YAU Yau-mei’s Interview (part 2)

Promote free games. Every day, there is no less than 50 minutes for children to play  games freely. Among them, there are lot of games for mixed ages, so that children can get in touch with more kids, play and communicate together!